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Compare and Contrast Gender in Advertising


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Compare and Contrast Gender in Advertising Advertising is a multimillion-dollar industry that targets people of various ages and gender to aid in selling gather products. The images or visual and verbal sense of the messages vary considerably by targeting different people with images and messages, which may even lead to the use of stereotyping in order to reach to a wider array of audience. For example, adverts that are solely directed for the teenage audience persuade them that purchasing a specific product makes them “fit in” with other teenagers or their role models. A comparison of advertisements that are aims at men and women show that advertisers are still using the standard gender role to advertise for their products which is causing a lot of stereotyping and biases to be seen. In order to understand stereotypes and gender bias found in the advertisements, it is first imperative to understand what stereotyping is and how it is implemented into advertisements. Stereotyping is defined as a thought that can be adopted from specific types of individuals or ways of doing things, however, that certain belief may or may not be an accurate reflection of reality. Stereotyping fits in with other types of inter group attitudes. Stereotyping, discrimination, and prejudice are comprehended to be related but are still different concepts. Stereotyping is though more as rational components of an individual since it is a reflection god expectations and beliefs about the characteristics of members of groups that is supposed as different from one’s own. Stereotyping can lead to racial prejudice when people emotionally react to the name of a group, attribute characteristics to the members of that group, and then evaluate those characteristics. There are various causes of reasons that give rise to stereotyping. Stereotyping is a natural phenomena and human concept that can

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