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Genetics of Homosexuality


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Genetics of Homosexuality - Are you Born Gay

Genetics of Homosexuality - Are you Born Gay
The question as to whether one is born gay or chooses to become so has been a point of debate for a very long time. The present media sources assume that the query is a solved scientific problem with the indication going towards a biological reasoning possibly genetic for a homosexual alignment (Schumm, 2010). Opposing to this idea, the query has been studied poorly, though there are some indications on all sides of the question. Additionally, several studies which were highly flaunted by the media as evidence for the genetic basis for homosexuality have been challenged by the current thorough studies (Diamond, 2006). This proof is considered to fall under five critical categories. These include: * Possible hormone influences * Brain structure * Real genetic studies (GWAS) * Concordance of genomic markers in relations * Concordance of homosexuality in twins
Until recently, sexual orientation used to be referred to as sexual preference. Definitely, these two terms represent significant variations in the way in which sexuality matures. A likelihood or preference is a choice of something due to taste while orientation is something that generally defines us (Schumm, 2010). The variations are practically necessary with respect to how legal rules apply to those gay individuals. In case homosexuality is not preferred, but actually is a genetically determined trait over which individuals have no option to, then legal rules should not look at straights and gays differently, since homosexuality would be equal to one’s race, over which persons have no control over (Diamond, 2006).
Sexual Orientation-Brain Studies Since sexual allure starts in the brain, scientists first studied the query of sexual orientation by relating the

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