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Getting Out of the Military


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Getting out of the Military
Edwin Schulze
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Management Theory and Practice
Willetra Brittian
January 14, 2013

Getting out of the Military
Getting out of the military was the biggest decision that I had to make. After 10 years of dedicated service, I decided to hang it up and finally become a family man. This decision came with a lot of pros and cons and big decisions that I had to make with my family. (T & A, 2011, p. 89) there are six stages in decision making, they are indentifying and diagnosing the problem, generating alternative solutions, evaluating alternatives, making the choice, implementing the decision, and evaluating the decision. In the following paragraphs I will discuss the steps that I had to make when making the decision of getting out of the military.
In the first stage of the decision process indentifying the problem, I had to decide on what was right for my family and what was right for me when making the decision on getting out of the military. This was a difficult decision due to the fact that the economy was on a downhill and jobs were very scarce. The second stage of the decision process is generating alternative solutions. In this stage of the process, my family and I had to way out the options of the benefits of getting out such as more time with family and able to start a new career. I also had to see the negative solutions as well, such as having to pay for health benefits and starting from the bottom. In the third stage of the process is evaluating alternatives, and deciding what is beneficial in the long run. My family and I needed to decide on other options such as staying in the military and seeing where they would send us next and what jobs or career field would equal to the same pay as being in the military including benefits.
After weighing out all the decisions and seeing what is best for my family and self, we decided to make the choice and get out of the military with the option to come back in if we were really struggling in the real world. This decision was very beneficial because I was able to see my children grow up and build a closer bond with my spouse. Also I was able start a new career in the U.S. government and be able to give back to my fellow veterans. After a few months of being out of the military, I decided to go into the reserves; this allowed me to still continue to serve in the armed forces but on a part time status. Not only was this a good decision for me but it also helped my family as well sense we were able to get almost the same benefits as we had when I was full time active.
Everyone has to make tough decisions at least once in their lifetime, whether it is for a positive outlook or a negative one. No matter what decision you make, you learn from those decisions to make the next one better. My decision on getting out of the military was a very good decision and no matter if I missed it or not, I was able to go a different route and still serve in something that I admired so much. When looking back and comparing with the stages of decision making, you don’t realize that even though you may not know what the stages are, you find it to be the same of similar in making your decisions.

T, B. S., & A, S. S. (2011). Managerial Decision Making. In Management: Leading & Collaborating in a Competitive World (9th ed., pp. 89-95). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

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