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Reading Comprehension Worksheet
Read the passage. Choose the best answer for each question.

Bees live in a house that is called a hive. There are three kinds of bees: workers, drones, and queens. Only one queen bee can live in each hive. If she is lost or dead, the other bees will stop their work.
Bees are very wise and busy little creatures. They all join together to build cells of wax for their honey. Each bee takes its proper place and does its own work. Some go out and gather honey from the flowers; others stay at home and work inside the hive.
The cells which they build are all of one shape and size, and no room is left between them. The cells are not round. They have six sides.
Did you ever look into a glass hive to see the bees while at work? It is pleasant to see how busy they always are.
But the drones do not work. Before winter comes, all the drones are driven from the hive so that they don’t eat the honey which they did not gather.
It is not safe for children to handle bees. Bees have a painful sting that they use in their defense.

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1. How many sides does a cell in the hive have?
a. Three
b. Four
c. Six
d. Seven

2. What happens to the drones in the winter?
a. They sleep.
b. They find a new hive.
c. They are driven out.
d. They repair the hive.

3. Which is not a kind of bee?
a. Workers
b. Kings
c. Queens
d. Drones

4. Which word best describes bees?
a. Hard-working
b. Lazy
c. Stupid
d. Cuddly

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