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Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
Advanced Placement English III

First Six Weeks –

Introductory Activities:

▪ Class rules, expectations, procedures ▪ Students review patterns of writing, which they will imitate throughout the course: reflection, narration and description, critical analysis, comparison and contrast, problem and solution, and persuasion and argument. ▪ Students review annotation acronyms, how to do a close reading, literary elements and rhetorical devices. Students also review the SOAPSTONE (subject, occasion, audience, purpose, speaker, tone, organization, narrative style and evidence) strategy for use in analyzing prose and visual texts along with three of the five cannons of rhetoric: invention, arrangement and style. ▪ Students learn the format of the AP test, essay rubric and essay structure. ▪ Students take a full-length AP test for comparison purposes in the spring.

Reading: The Scarlet Letter – Nathaniel Hawthorne
Writing: Answer the following question in one paragraph. Use quotes from the novel as evidence. Some readers believe that the elaborate decoration that Hester embroiders on the scarlet letter indicates her rejection of the community’s view of her act. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your position using evidence from the text. (test grade)
Writing: Write a well-developed essay addressing the following prompt. Document all sources using MLA citation. Compare Hester to a modern day person who has been shunned. Provide at least two research sources for the other person. (project grade)

Reading: “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” Jonathan Edwards
Analyzing: SOAPSTONE and cannons of rhetoric

Reading: Teacher Introduction Essay
Writing: Students and teacher evaluate where each student’s writing is and where it needs to be by analyzing students’ introductory...

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