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We all know was GPS, Global Positioning System, means because we have them in our cars to help us find a location when we travel nationwide or when we just need to find street address. We also have them in our cell phones to do exactly the same. It even helps boats and ships to navigate the oceans and also helps airplanes fly around the world without getting lost or crashing. Those are the basics we know about GPS it helps everyone know or find their exact locations around the world. In the 1970s GPS was developed by the military to guide weapons of mass destruction during the war. It had 24 satellites in which over the years of many designs it became fully functional in 1995 (contributors, 2015). Now the military controls the GPS which is good because it helps us defend our country from others who want to attack the USA. While it’s been available to everyone for free we still have restrictions. The U.S. government controls the export of some civilian receivers. All GPS receivers capable of functioning above 18 km (60,000 feet) altitude and 515 m/s (1,000 knots), or designed or modified for use with unmanned air vehicles like, e.g., ballistic or cruise missile systems, are classified as munitions (weapons)—which means they require State Department export licenses.[76] (contributors, Global Positiong System, 2015) The GPS eliminated the compass which we used for years to find our way around. It’s very nice to have this technology around today because not only it’s used to travel, people can use it anywhere to locate a lost or stolen car even a cell phone has a GPS for people to find local area travels or their phone. This technology has been helping police for quiet sometime now lowering some crime by keeping track of individuals who need monitoring during out on parole. In cell phones when they are stolen or can’t be found they can be relocated by monitoring its location by computer or by someone else who has a GPS installed on their phone. GPS on cell phones are a good way of keeping track of your kids when they are away from home. Since GPS has been good to us and makes our lives better, there are still a few things that this technology might not be available to us in the future. Of all the advances we made throughout the years we still a lot of satellites orbiting the earth and one day it might all crash and send everything out of control. Like if we have asteroids hitting them without warning not only they’ll hit the satellites for the GPS, they would destroy others that communicate to our cell phones then we wouldn’t have any way of knowing where everyone is. Then we go back to the first thing we started with like the compass and maps. Which would be a nightmare for some people because they wouldn’t know about

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