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The topic of the reading and listening passages is devoted to twin studies. In the reading passage we could find out about the scientific researchers which goal is to find out the role of nature and nurture in the development of personality. The author states that twins which have an identical genetics make up display similar behavior even in cases when the identical twins were separeted from each other and brought up in different environments. That is why the author states that heredety plays a part in the behavior of personality and such scientific achievments could be useful for understanding of some humans abilities or in medical science in general.

In the listening passage the professor disagrees with the information wich was given in the reading part. She mainly states her opinion on the thought that if the twins were treated and brought up in absolute equal conditions it maens that their identical preferences are the cause of the same environment, not in case of natural reasons. To sum up, the professor is not sure about usefulnes of the mentioned research.


The question of evaluating of a knowledge was always vital for a study process that is why the type of grading is really important. Some course grades are based solely on exams, at the same time some of the class grades are based more on participation. In my opinion, grades based on exams are better. The arguments for my point of view are listed as follows.

Only exam shows the real knowledge of the student. I mean that only during exam based on writing or speaking form a professor could find out if the student understands and knows the subject or not. The best example of such a class based on exam grade could be the Maths, because even if the student had a good participation it does not mean that she understands the subject clearly. The another argument for my point of view could be the case when the student is disabled and she could not have an ability to attend all the classes but it does not mean that such a student schould have a lower mark. According to the mentioned facts, I think that the grading system of some classes schould be based mostly on exam.

On the other hand, there are some subjects where participation plays a really significant role in a study process. For example, sports or literature. However, it is possible to get an appropriate knowledge even in mentioned subjects. Thats why I prefer the exam based grades.

All in all, we can conclude that the grading process is quite important and in every single case the professor have to choose the most suitable way of grading. In my opinion, the best one is an exam.

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