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Grandma Concha

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I believe in cherishing every minute with your loved ones because time does fly by quickly. I also believe in not going to funerals. People can leave this world in a blink of an eye. The time that it hurts the most is when it’s someone that you love, which is why I believe in this strongly. Every day isn’t guaranteed, anyone can pass away at anytime, whether it’s one of your favorite singers, favorite basketball player, friends, or even family. The news can be surprising and come during any time of the year, or days. The news can shock you and hit you like a train. The news can heartbreaking. Life doesn’t care about timing, a death can occur on New Years day or even 2 days after New Years and 5 days after New Years. I am being specific about days because those two days were probably the hardest for me through the entire 2017 year. …show more content…
And on January 4, 2017 my grandma had passed. Those few days were really hard on me and made me realize that I didn’t really spend time with my grandma even though I loved her dearly. Everyone called my grandma Mami Concha. She got that name because she was the one that took care of everyone. She would take care of everyone before herself. And knowing that, I'm sure she got the idea that she should cherish every minute of life with family while she had it. And you know that she knew the importance of time with family because of everyone she took care of. My grandma is the reason why I started to believe in this value. And to make it even more of a new moral for me on January 6, 2017 my dog passed just two days after my grandma. I had that dog since I was 2 years old. So Daisy was part of our family for 15

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