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Grandmas House


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Grandma’s House
My Grandmother’s house was a place that made me feel happy. It had many hiding places and I always found new fun things to do.

Grandma’s house was like a home away from home. There was always good food to eat, lots of toys to play with and I could play dress up with grandma’s old clothes. I was the only child, so having something to do at my house was always a problem. At grandma’s house things never got old.

There was never a dull moment in that house. The house was pretty old so it had a lot of hidden rooms and doors. Some of these doors lead to nowhere. I remember opening a door on the third floor that had just a brick wall behind it. I still wonder what that room use to be and why it was bricked up. Every time I found a new door id run to my grandma and ask her for a key to open it. She would smile and hand me a key ring full of keys and tell me I’d have to find which key it was. I would be there all day trying each key tell I opened the door.

Rainy days where the best at grandma’s house. We would play games together. Grandma would hand me a sheet of paper and tell me to count all the windows and doors in the house. Each time I’d get a different number. I just don’t understand it! We would go out into the garden and I would name all the different bugs I saw. If I got to close to some of them I would get bitten but that never stopped me from going back the next day.

Grandma’s house was always an adventure. I was always full and happy when I was there. I am now a mother and my little one enjoys grandma’s house as

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Grandmas House

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