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Guede Murder In Perugia Case Study

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In Perugia, Italy a gruesome murder took place on November 1, 2007. The body of Meredith Kercher was found the morning of November 2, 2007, sexually assaulted, stabbed and strangled. Initially, the police arrested three perpetrators for this heinous crime, roommate of the victim, Amanda Knox, her Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, and Patrick Lumumba, a local pub owner. The police placed them into solitary confinement and illegally interrogated the three suspects without a lawyer, where Knox then was pressured into implicating all of them to the murder. The police hastily announced the case closed before beginning processing the crime scene and evidence, claiming that it was an orgy gone horribly wrong. Once the authorities began processing …show more content…
Unwilling to admit their blunder the police continued with their prosecution of Knox and Sollecito, releasing Lumumba and replacing him with Guede in their scenario. Guede was found on November 20, 2007 attempting to board a train without a ticket in Germany. Guede admitted being present during the victim’s time of death, and upon questioning, Guede initially claimed that he was on a date with the victim and needed to use the restroom. Guede had told the police that the reason why he didn’t hear the crime take place is because he was listening to his Ipod while using the bathroom and heard a scream. When Guede exited the bathroom he declared he saw a man, which he could not identify, fleeing the scene. Evidence began pointing towards a burglary gone wrong with Guede being the culprit, Kercher’s phone and credit cards were missing, and there was broken glass from the window indicating someone breaking …show more content…
The police attempted to link Knox to the murder with DNA evidence from the bathroom, which was improperly collected, and a large kitchen knife found in Sollecito’s kitchen which the investigators claimed they found traces of both Knox’s and Sollecito’s DNA. A semen stain in between the victim’s legs was ignored during investigation and was never disclosed. Guede’s bloody footprints in the crime scene were not shown until well into the trial and were attempted to be passed off as Sollecito’s. The investigators also kept a second crime scene hidden from the trial, where it was later found that Guede broke into the downstairs apartment to clean up after the murder. Eventually, Guede admitted to having his hand around the victim’s neck as she died. Computer evidence was later discovered with Guede having a Skype conversation saying that Knox had nothing to do with it and that she wasn’t there. There was also computer evidence supporting Knox’s and Sollecito’s alibi during the time of the murder, all which was hidden from the trial initially. Guede was not convicted of the rape and murder of Meredith Kercher until October 29,

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