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Gun Culture in America


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Enesi Aliu-MBA 732 –Consumer Behavior
Consumer Possession on the Extended Self
Write Up on Gun Culture in America.
The culture of Gun use and ownership by private citizens date backs to the days of the founding fathers, with the bill of rights passage in 1791.The use and possession of guns and firearms has historically been rife with controversy. In 2008, with the Heller V District of Columbia case, the Supreme Court finally clarified the right for individual Americans to bear arms thereby settling century’s long debate on one of the most controversial issues in American history.
The culture of Gun ownership and personal attachment individuals feel about guns and firearms is a very interesting dynamic. In the old confederacy (Now nicknamed Red States), according to Barack Obama in 2007,people in this region who feel left out of the modern day progressive society tend to cling to their guns and religions as to further find a sense of purpose and fulfillment. While this view point cannot be empirically proved, there is a level of validity in such a claim as historically known, those areas tend not to support any form of Gun Control.
In the more liberal parts of the country, from New York City to the New England Colonies, the attitudes towards gun and firearms ownership is more subtle, there is no religious following however statistically the occurrence of gun crimes and other mass shootings is more prevalent in this part of america than in the old confederacy.
The intent of this experiential discussion is to get the class involved and engaged in the on -going Gun control debate. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there, this tends to mislead and misinform people on the reality of Gun Culture and what it means for the well-being and security of the entire nation.
This write up would be done from a two point

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