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Gun Dogs Research Paper

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Always Reliable, Always True Humans have always had a reliable friend for over 10,000 years. The domestic dog has lived within villages and towns, working, guarding, protecting, and even healing people. Lives are shared with dogs more than any other animal. After many DNA tests and diagnostics, it has been found that dogs most indubitably have descended from the wolf. Dogs are domesticated trainable animals that depend on humans for their survival, the relationship does not need to change whether they are or are not descendants of the wolf. This is scientifically discovered proving how much the development of dogs has progressed. The canine species “are the only animals who will answer to their name and recognize the voice of the family”(Piny …show more content…
Because their job is simply to keep company, many of these dogs are well behaved and friendly to almost everyone. This makes them an excellent house pet. Guardian dogs, or working dogs, are large and naturally reserved. They are known to keep livestock, families, and valuables guarded. This type of pedigree is wary of strangers, but tightly bonded to their owners, making them a horrible party guest for an active person. Gun dogs, also known as sporting dogs, are extremely active and affectionate. The breeds in this category tend to range from easy going to sharp and intense. For people who can provide exercise and a working program with training, nothing can beat their trust in their owner. Herding dogs are highly intelligent and active. This type of dog always needs a job to keep them interested, requiring people who are energetic and smart. Because their job requires them to work with larger, stronger animals, herding breeds are normally very brave and adventure seeking. This means they often get into trouble if not told what to do. They normally choose one person ultimately to bond with, sometimes not with the person intended. Hound dogs are perfect for mellow dog lovers who enjoy a fearless hunter. Many hounds are kept in kennels, but they thrive best within the center of a family. These dogs are perfect for a person with patience and humor. Some believe dogs are more diverse than humans. People created every breed to match and correlate with each job and personality within the world throughout many

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