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He Impact of the 2010 Institute of Medicine (Iom) Report on the Future of Nursing in Education, Practice and Leadership

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The Impact of the 2010 Institute of Medicine (IOM) Report on the Future of Nursing in Education, Practice and Leadership

NRS-430V Professional Dynamics
September 12 2012

This paper focuses on expanding the impact of Institute of Medicine report on future of nursing, leading change, advancing health and illustrates its impact on nursing education, practice and leadership. Focus of this report highlights re structuring of the health care system to provide better service to patients.

Today nursing is recognized as a promising career and has gained much significance over the years, several programs for becoming a nursing professional are being offered by universities, community colleges and hospital based schools. Since the mid 20th century, demands for nursing professional have been on an up rise, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of nursing graduates in the last decade (NLN, 2010b). The focus of nursing education have shifted to new dimensions such as community health, public health, primary care, geriatrics, disease prevention, health promotion and other areas rather than being limited to a particular area. And this is mainly to prepare nurse to deal with evolving health care system. Demand for nurses produced high amount of entry-level nurses, the study emphasizes highly educated nurses are preferred to handle todays today’s health care challenges. By 2020 the nursing work force should consist of 80% BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) prepared nurses. Achieving this targeted BSN level nursing workforce involves, the use technology (simulation, online education programs) and providing upgrade options for existing associate or diplomas holders and financial support from educational institutions, nursing employers and other healthcare organizations. Furthermore, the curriculum should be made future proof to facilitate academic advancement.…...

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