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ituational analysis

(ii) Target Market

(iii) Objectives/Goals

(iv) Marketing strategies and the marketing mix

(v) Monitoring & Controlling

(i) Situational Analysis

The Coca-Cola Company has been operating for over a century and is highly successful. It is currently in the renewal level of the post-maturity stage in the business life cycle. This is shown in Fig. (10).

Sales ($)

Fig. (10) The Coca-Cola Company's business life cycle

SWOT Analysis

Strengths (S) Weaknesses (W)

· Has been operating successfullyfor over a century.· Is known world-wide and operates in more than 200 countries.· Coca-Cola has a large share of the cola segment - holding approximately 85 per cent.· The Coca-Cola Company is the mostrecognised trademark in the world. · The contract The Coca-Cola Company has with its bottlers is under constant negotiations.

Opportunities (O) Threats (T)

· Has significant growth opportunities.· Has sufficient capital to expand.· Has the potential to innovate and differentiate the company's products to sustain a competitive advantage.· May merge with other global businesses to eliminate competitors.· Capable of expanding into other markets other than the soft drink market. · Has many major global competitors with its main one being PepsiCo.· Coca-Cola can be substituted by other soft drink products made by its competitors. These competitors may develop marketing strategies to eliminate The Coca-Cola Company.· There may be an economic downturn in the business cycle.

(ii) Target Market

The company's beverages are generally for all consumers. However, there are some brands, which target specific consumers.

For example, Coca-Cola's diet soft drinks are targeted at consumers who are older in age, between the years of 25 and 39. PowerAde sports water target those who are fit, healthy and do sport. Winnie the Pooh sipper cap

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