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Health Improvement and Cost Reduction Plan


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Health Improvement and Cost Reduction Plan (HICREP)

Sammy Osei MPA/Healthcare Management

Health Improvement and Cost Reduction Plan (HICREP)


INTRODUCTION Medicare, an entitlement program that provides healthcare benefits to seniors over 65 years old, patients with disability and those suffering from end stage renal diseases, contributes enormously to the rising cost of care in the United States. Key cost drivers within Medicare are the leading chronic diseases and its risk factors. This program plan institutes preventative educational and training programs to help minimize and alleviate ailments associated with major chronic diseases and its risk factors. The plan identifies demographic groups affected by leading chronic diseases, specifies target stakeholders, and justifies how their contribution impacts the program. This plan outlines program case statement detailing the mission, goals, objectives, organizational history and structure as well as plans devised for fundraising. The plan does a thorough problem analysis to identify unmet needs necessitating this intervention plan. This P Plan presents a financial statement that describes the tax status of the P-Plan and reports a year’s budget estimate with relevant financial policies that justifies and strategically integrates budget with objectives, goals and mission to ensure fiscal accountability and responsibility. A human resource structure is illustrated in this P-Plan detailing list of positions and job descriptions with corresponding conflict of interest methodologies, employee training methods and effective ways of communicating to stakeholders. This P- Plan further demonstrates communication and marketing schemes that promotes plan’s mission, goals and objectives in a way that ensures branding and program’s success. ORGANIZATION Area of Emphasis: HICREP’s selected area of emphasis

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