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My mother always told me "the world is your oyster", referring to Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor. This is a statement that did not fully surface for me until last year. I perpetually have always had an interest in the healthcare field. In fifth grade I decided I was going to become a pediatrician. I continued on to complete a Bachelors of Science in Biology, setting course on a premed track. While in progress of my senior year classes, I decided medical school was no longer my goal. Instead, I was flirting with the idea of other areas of healthcare. After college, I landed a position as a Recruiter in healthcare staffing. It was a side of patient care that was completely new to me. I decided to move my career to California, where …show more content…
When I was introduced to the business facet of healthcare, I thought it may have swayed me far off course from my original passion. But, as my time in recruiting passed, and my successes strengthened, I realized my path as a Healthcare Recruiter had actually set me up for success as a nurse. My experience in working with both clients at facilities (Directors of Rehab, Chiefs of Surgeries, CEOs of hospitals), and Healthcare Professionals, gives me well-rounded knowledge of the industry. Working with facilities and their census needs has given me the chance to see first-hand what is expected of the Healthcare Professionals and their definition of patient-centered care. I believe that many of my daily duties and knowledge I have will guide me to become successful in a nursing career. Some of my responsibilities relative to nursing include qualifying candidates, documenting all communication in an applicant tracking system, building and maintaining relationships with these candidates, as well as follow up and maintenance of them. Most importantly, I must proactively seek new ways to succeed and think outside the box. It is a competitive industry that is ever-changing and I must remain sharp in my critical thinking skills and problem solving. This means never becoming complacent. The world holds the possibility of making a fortune monetarily and spiritually, but it is dependent upon how hard you

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