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Heneral Luna Reaction Paper

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 Summary of the movie

The story took place during the Philippine-American War, focusing on the leadership of Heneral Luna to the Philippine Revolutionary Army. It revolved not only about the war against the Americans, but mainly on the conflict among Filipinos. The issue was about the presence of Americans and other Filipinos supporting the Americans’ ways such as Buencamino and Paterno. The idea of fellow Filipinos supporting Americans enraged Heneral Luna for he was very patriotic and strongly fought for the freedom of the Philippines. Though Luna was considered to be a great leader of the army, some were against his leadership for others envy or were threatened by his presence. He had conflicts with other fellow generals such Mascardo which lead to more hatred against Luna.

Luna was assassinated at Aguinaldo’s headquarters. He was framed that the President called him, though upon his arrival he already left and Buencamino was the one in the office. During their argument, shots were fired outside so Luna went out to inspect. The brutal killing happened as Janolino appeared, captain of Kawit that he also had a fight with, killing him along with the other soldiers against Luna. He was shot and stabbed repeatedly to death. Other loyal soldiers to Luna were killed including the Bernal brothers. Heneral Luna was buried with full military honors as ordered by Aguinaldo by the same men who killed him.

Heneral Antonio Luna’s killers were never found and still remains a controversy up to now.

 Reflection

Antonio Luna’s leadership against Americans could have been successful without the other fellow Filipinos that were against his plans or enforcements. Just like managing conflict and getting along with co-workers, Luna and the others should have had the same interest or goal for the Philippines. We may say that they

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