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Chapter 1
Nature is God’s physician. God wants his children to be safe always. That is the reason why He had given us nature, his physician. Every person should have knowledge of nature’s remedial agencies and how to apply them, not only for their own sake but also for their loved ones. Necessity drives researchers to discover new things. Our country has a low economic condition and majority of the Filipino families have a small income so they cannot afford expensive or branded medicine. The researcher believed in the saying “Prevention is better than cure”, that is why she took the initiative of studying the acceptability of Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano leaves into herbal tea. Herbs are everywhere. They are available in a variety of forms; including fresh, dried, in tablets or capsules or in liquid form such as juice or tea. The leaves of Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano are abundantly found in the Philippines. The use of medicinal plants or herbs has been gaining popularity these past few years in the Philippines and worldwide as more clinical proof emerges that validates many of the age-old alternative medicines used by Filipino folks that have been passed on. The curative effects of the herbs were tested by traditional healers on their patient. The knowledge and skills on the curative application of any given herbal medicine has been handed down from generation to generation. In this study the researcher aims to produce Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano leaves into herbal tea. Background of the study Tea is known as the nature’s “wonder drug”. Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world, exceeded only by the universal solvent – water. Tea is an integral part of everyday societal life in many of the world’s most populous countries. Ever wonder why the Chinese and Japanese have some of the longest life-expectancy rates in the world, the secret: they drink a lot of tea. The buzz about tea and its benefits is getting louder. Drinkers are rediscovering the protective and revitalizing benefits of the ancient drinks.
Theoretical Framework
“In All things there is a poison, and there is nothing without a poison. It depends on only upon the dose whether a poison is a poison or not”---------Paracelsus (1493?-1541, Switzerland)
According to Abdul- Baha (Star of the West Vol. VII,No. 18 p. 23) Although ill health is one of the unavoidable conditions of man, truly it is hard to bear. The bounty of good health is the greatest gifts at all.
Conceptual Framework The conceptual model of the study reflected below is in the form of paradigm.
It consists of independent variable which includes the materials and procedures in preparation of MBAG (Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) herbal tea and dependent variable which includes the acceptability of MBAG (Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) herbal tea as assessed by elderly, health-conscious people, and teachers in terms of aroma, health benefits and taste. Independent Variable Dependent Variable

Level of Acceptability of MBAG Herbal Tea as assessed by elderly, health-conscious people, and teachers in terms of: * Aroma * Taste * Health Benefits

* Materials in Making MBAG(Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) Herbal Tea * Methods in making MBAG

Statement of the Problem 1. What are the materials needed in making MBAG (Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) herbal tea? 2. What are the methods in making MBAG (Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) herbal tea? 3. What is the level of acceptability of MBAG(Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) herbal tea in terms of 4.1 Aroma 4.2 Taste 4.3 Health Benefits 4. What is the level of acceptability of MBAG (Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) herbal tea as assessed by 5.4 Elderly 5.5 Health-conscious People 5.6 Teachers 5. Is there a significant difference between the assessment of three groups in terms of Aroma, Taste and Health Benefits?
There is no significant difference between the between the assessment of three groups in terms of aroma, taste and health benefits.

Significance of the study This study is beneficial to the elderly, health-conscious people, and teachers and future researchers.
Elderly. Diseases are common to elderly/senior citizen. This study might help lessen the diseases they are experiencing.
Health-conscious people. This study will help the health-conscious people to have a healthy body.
Teachers. They are exposed in a mountain of work even in the evening, this study might help them to have a good sleep pattern. They can also teach their students how Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano leaves can be very useful and can be a source of livelihood project.
Future Researchers. This study will help the researchers enhance the skills, techniques and to develop the source of responsiveness to things which are beneficial to society.

Scope and Limitations This study is limited only on the acceptability of MBAG(Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) herbal tea as assessed by elderly, health-conscious people, and teachers in terms of aroma, taste and health benefits. This study will be evaluated by ten (10) selected elderly from Brgy. Calios Sta. Cruz, Laguna; and ten (10) selected teachers from Laguna State Polytechnic University and Mamplasan National High School.

Definition of terms For the better understanding of the variables used in the study of MBAG(Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) herbal tea, the following terms were defined;
Acceptability. Pertains to the degree of respondents’ satisfaction in MBAG(Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) herbal tea based on their aroma, taste, and health benefits.
Aroma. Refers to agreeable scent of MBAG(Malunggay, Bignay, Ashitaba and Guyabano) herbal tea.
Ashitaba. Gynura Procumbens, an herbal treatment of eruptive fever, rash, kidney disease, migraine, constipation, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cancer.
Bignay. This is a variable plant which may be short and shrubby or tall and erect, approaching 30 metres in height.
Guyabano. Guyabano tree, or soursop in English (Scientific Name : Anona muricata Linn.) is a small tree, usually about 5 to 7 meters high.
Malunggay. Moringa oleifera is a fast growing, evergreen, deciduous tree. It can reach a height of 10–12 m and the trunk can reach a diameter of 45 cm.

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