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High School Safety

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17 April 2012 High School Safety The prevailing attitude that the American parents have towards high achieving schools is their one of the safest places for their children to be at. They believe that the can protect them from any harm. Polytechnic High School (Poly High) is among the list of those high achieving schools. However, the Poly high campus can improve its safety with a few simple steps: fixing leaks, better security staff and equipment, and controlling car traffic in the outside perimeter of school grounds. The first way to improve Poly High’s safety is by fixing any water leaks. These leaks are cause by constant rain or broken pipes. A water leak can hurt an individual, by making the ground area slippery as students walk over it without noticing. Also the humidity from these leaks produces the growth of mold, mildew, and other fungus-like forms. The mold and fungus can be very hazardous when making contact with it or breathing in the hazardous toxins it exhales. Lasty water leaks increase allergic reactions and asthma attacks. The humidity from the water not only grows mold, but It also attracts mosquitos, and increase pollen counts. Several hazardous effect can be simply fixed by just fixing the leaks. Secondly, the campus could be even safer by increasing and improving security guards, and equipment. Stated by school districts nationwide, every school campus must have at least two police or security units at all times. ( By increasing the security units, it will reduce unnecessary violence, gang related activities, and stop the entry to any outsider threats. Also, it will increase the number of random searches held during school hours. This will help because officials will be confiscating any life threatening weapons. Lastly, updating equipment is very necessary. Whereas it is alarms, bells, etc. will increase its volume as well maintaining everyone safe during any natural disasters. Lastly, the school’s safety will increase drastically by controlling traffic in and outside of the school .Students rush out of class, bumping into each other, towards the crowded streets where they can possibly get hurt. By adding more lights in the nearby streets it can help slow down the manifesto caused by all the cars trying to pass. Also, adding crossing guards will help individuals cross the streets safely without any harm. Lastly, by controlling the time management and the order students exit the premises will prevent fatal accidents. In conclusion, the Poly high campus, or any other campus can improve their safety by following three simple steps: fixing leaks, Improving security staff and equipment, and controlling traffic. Fixing leaks will prevent the growth of hazardous molds and fungus-like forms. Improving safety will prevent unnecessary violence, and protect the well-being of everyone. Lastly, controlling traffic will prevent many fatal car accidental deaths. There are many more ways to help improve the safety of schools everywhere. By working together, and everyone chipping in, youy can accomplish what many don’t think capable.

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