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Hispanic and Latino Are Umbrella Terms


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The terms Hispanic and Latino are umbrella terms for people from many different Spanish-speaking cultures in the Western Hemisphere. Although the grouping includes a wide range of cultures there is evidence of the formation of a panethnic identity. What do you predict the effect of Hispanic and Latino panethnicity to be in the future?

I feel the future is already here based on the definition of panethnicity. The meaning is where ethnic groups come together and become one, with similar religions, speech, and various other features that bond people from different backgrounds into one common group. The Hispanics and Latinos are learning more on becoming Americans, the vocabulary, the way we live, right down to the food we eat. Their children are going to school to learn the English language; the adults are mating with American men and women. This in itself will start producing a new generation and ethnic group. I have female relatives that have married Hispanic men and their children are bilingual. They carry traits from both parents; dark skin and they are just a little shorter than the rest of my relatives. So what I have seen through my family experiences and also talking to Hispanics where I work, (and they have very good English), I see America turning into a different nation. A nation where everyone shares the same traits, America was taken away from the Indians and now it is time for a new society of humans in the United States. Becoming an ethnic group of large proportion and overwhelming effects, turning America into a super nation of one, no African Americans, no Europeans, no Caucasians, only caramel colored

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