History of Nursing

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History of Nursing Worksheet
April 23, 2012

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History of Nursing Research Worksheet

There have been many influential publications, agencies, and people in the field of nursing research. Write 1–3 sentences in each cell of the table below to describe the importance, goal, or influence of each item.

|Publications |First publication date and importance: |
|Nursing Research |First published: Nursing Research was first published in 1952. |
| |Importance: As clinical research started to expand and specialty |
| |groups started to form within nursing practice, this journal was the|
| |first research journal published (Burns & Grove, 2011). |
|Sigma Theta Tau Journal published by this organization is |First published: As clinical studies started to become more |
|now called Image—The Journal of Nursing Scholarship |available, Sigma Theta Tau, the national honor society for nurses, |
| |first published Image in 1967, the name was changed to The Journal |
| |of Nursing Scholarship and is a means for communicating research |
| |findings pertinent to nursing issues. |
| |Importance: The increase in nursing research that was conducted |
| |between the years of…...