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This paper will discuss the service strategy of Like Home Medical Care for Children. It will discuss the building, the lighting, the temperature, the colors used, and the types of magazines provided in the waiting room.

Like Home Medical Care for Children
Vision Statement
Like Home Medical Care for Children, a Catholic health center for children will be a leader, a partner, and an advocate in creating innovative health solutions that improves the lives of children so that every child is able to experience the love and healing power of God.
Mission Statement
It is our mission to spread the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to the children and their families. It is also our mission to continually meet the needs of our patients by giving excellent care exhausting the best skills, education, and immediate execution.
Service Strategy
Here at Like Home Medical Care for Children, we strive to create a healing environment for our patients, our visitors, and our employees. Being that we are a center for children, our building will be professional, but fun for the children. We will use bright colors on our walls. Colors such as bright blue, green, purple, and pink will be used. Our building will be well lit using natural sunlight from all of our large windows, which will be in the lobby and in the waiting rooms. Outside our building, we have bright flower gardens that bloom year around. We will also have photos on the walls in both the lobby and in the waiting rooms. We will also have a television in our wall right above our registration window which will play children’s classic cartoons such as Veggie Tales, Noah’s Ark, etc.
We will make it easy for patients to get signed and checked in to our office. Patients arrive, sign in, and they will be called to a waiting room within fifteen minutes of arrival. No patient or patient’s family will have to wait for a long period of time in our facility. This helps to create a good reputation, and show that we do care about our children. This also helps us to create a good culture of customer service. Parents bring their children to us to be taken care of, and show them some compassion, and that is exactly what we do.
Because we are a Catholic health center for children, the pictures on the walls will have photos of Jesus and the Angels playing with children. Being that our mission is to spread the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to children and their families, we will have these types of photos all over the walls in the lobby and in the waiting rooms. Our lobby and waiting rooms will be filled with magazines for children that involve stories and poetry with Bible characters. For the adults, we will have magazines about nature. We strive to have a clean, safe, well-appointed, and attractive setting. This helps to relieve the stress of the healthcare service for patients, families, and our employees (Fottler, Ford, & Heaton, 2010).
As far as creating an environment for our employees, we will invest funds, hours, and energy on the details of our service setting (Fottler, Ford, & Heaton, 2010). Because we have a very pleasant setting in our facility, our employees are more relaxed and provide excellent customer service to our patients and the patients’ families. Our employees feel safe within our facility, thus also this aides them in providing service to the patients and their families. Because we are a Catholic center, everything we do is centered on our vision and mission statements. We try to provide a loving, healing, and professional environment for patients, visitors, and our employees.

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