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National University
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) or B.B.A. (Honours) Degree
Department of Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance & Banking

Second Year

Term Paper Guidelines:
(1) Each Department shall form a Term Paper Committee consisting of all teachers of the Department, to monitor the overall supervision of the preparation of Term Papers. The Head of the Department shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the Committee.
(2) One student shall submit three (3) copies of Term Paper, first copy for the Supervisor, second copy for Second Examiner and third copy for the Controller of Examination of the National University.
(3) The Committee shall select a list of Term Paper Topics during the first month of starting the classes of the second year of BBA (Honours). The Term Paper Topic should be selected on an area only from the major subjects of a student at First Year or Second Year. The number of topics shall be at least ten (10) and shall not be more than 20 (twenty) in total. One Chapter Heading of a Major Subject may be customized for a topic of the Term Paper.
(4) Term Paper shall be prepared in English by each student individually and every student shall be assigned under a Supervisor for preparing a Term Paper.
(5) The Committee shall assign a Term Paper Topic randomly to the students and shall also select the Supervisor and the Second Examiner randomly from the teachers of the concerned Department. The students of a Department shall be primarily allocated in equal proportion to individual Supervisor as well as to individual Second Examiner and any remaining number of students available after equal allocation may be assigned to teachers in accordance with seniority.
(6) The Committee shall ensure the uniqueness or originality of the work of individual students in preparing his/her Term Paper by defining a separate organization (e.g., listed company) or a separate sample of respondents on same topic.
(7) The Term Paper should contain respectively the following: Front Cover Page and Inside Cover Page (containing Title of the topic, Student’s name and Roll number, Name and designation of the Supervisor, Date of preparation), Statement of Student’s Declaration about the originality of work authenticated by the Supervisor (1 page), Abstract (1 page), Table of Contents (1 page), and then body of the Term Paper (20-25 pages). The Term Paper should be printed using the following: A4 size, Times New Roman font, 1.5 line-space, 14-font bold Heading, 13-font bold Sub-Heading, 12-font text) excluding Bibliography and Appendices. It should be submitted in a book-binding form with art paper.
(8) The Committee shall fix the deadline of submitting the Term Papers, which should be at least two weeks before the starting of viva voce examination.
(9) The Supervisor and the Second Examiner shall evaluate the Term Paper out of full marks of 50. The Chairman of the Term Paper Committee shall send to the Controller of Examinations the Mark Sheet of Term Paper with Supervisor’s Mark, Second Examiner’s Mark and Average of these two marks.
(10) Following Specimen Structure is suggested to prepare of the Body of the Term Paper: Chapter 1: Introduction (3-4 pages: introductory background of the issues on the topic, statement of the topic, objectives of term paper topic) Chapter 2: Conceptual Issues (3-4 pages: clarifying the concepts involved, any available research finding on the topic) Chapter 3: Database (2 pages: nature of data–qualitative/quantitative; sources and uses of database) Chapter 4: Findings of the Study (10-14 pages: brief overview of the companies concerned, if any; detailed description of the topics under headings and sub-headings) Chapter 5: Conclusion (2-3 pages: summary of major findings, policy recommendations, concluding remarks)
11) Fees: A Sum of Taka 50/= (fifty) is fixed for evaluation of Term Paper. This amount shall be preserved by the concern department of the College as honorarium.


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...Unlucky Cupid ➶ Prologue ★★★ She is smart, HE's intelligent. She's gorgeous, HE's sizzling hot. She's popular, HE has huge resemblance to a world-wide known teen-age superstar. She's snob but somehow nice, while HE is the gentleman every girl will die for. Will rivalry cross their fate? Or Love will play their lives? He was always mistaken for the popular singer, whom She really hates. Will Her high school life end up just like those typical one's? Or will He make the best or even worst out of it? ➶ Chapter 1: Interference /KATHERINE'S PERSPECTIVE First day of school, sigh. Simula na naman ito ng hectic schedule, little time, less fun, and whatsoever bothersome school works. Pero first day of school sometimes is not that bad, kasi usually pupunta ka lang sa unahan at magpapakilala. Orientations, introductions, chit-chats - yeah, that's pretty much it. Kaya on second thought, I'm going to enjoy this first day lalo na dahil makikita ko na ang aking mga hmm, how should I describe my friends? Loud speaker-like? Loquacious? Nah, pero siguro ganyan nga sila - love ko naman. Ew, korni ko.I guess back na kami sa routine namin. Si Lindsay, medyo brat, madaldal (as I've said), okay naman pag dating sa academics, mabait, at sabihin na nating medyo war-freak. Di sya close sa parents nya gawa ng wala lagi sa bahay nila. So ayun, siguro yun ang dahilan kung bakit parang naging "Play Girl" itong si Lindsay, in other way. Hindi naman talaga. Pero all in all she's one of a kind...

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