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Home Depot Operation Management

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Operation Management The value proposition of Home Depot is to bring unparalleled value to its customers who will most likely make decisions based on value, the best level of customer assistance, convenience of store location and wide assortment product offering. By solving their customer’s home improvement dilemmas, Home Depot offers a unique shopping experience by using the it's own operation strategy to deliver it’s value proposition and meet demand.

The home improvement industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. The global home improvement market is expected to grow at a yearly rate of 2.5% between 2010 and 2015, according to Market Line. The market has a predicted 2015 worth of almost $678 billion. In 2010, building materials led the overall market, generating $389 billion in profit, or 65% of the overall market. So the market demand of Home depot is predictable.

According to its 10-K report, “We buy our store merchandise from suppliers located throughout the world and are not dependent on any single supplier. Most of our merchandise is purchased directly from manufacturers, which eliminates ‘middleman’ costs” (Home Depot Inc, 2010). This suggests that due to the diverse supply chain and many suppliers, there is no threat of bargaining. Home Depot also “formed strategic alliances and exclusive relationships with selected suppliers to market products under a variety of well-recognized brand names” (Home Depot Inc, 2010). This suggests that Home Depot has established the necessary supply chain partners to sustain its growth and product selection. If one supplier failed to meet the pricing needs of Home Depot, it would have the benefit of going to another supplier to meet its needs. It seems as if this is one area that The Home Depot has a solid foundation in. The real threat and the key challenge in the future will be...

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