Strategic Human Resource Management Case Analysis at Home Depot Company

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Strategic Human Resource Management Case Analysis at Home Depot Company

Musalia Doughty

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
1.0 Overview of the Organization 3
1.1 Corporate Hierarchy of Home Depot 4
2.0 Strategic Human Resource Management at Home Depot 5
2.1 Workforce Diversity Management at Home Depot 5
2.2 Disadvantages of Workforce Diversity 7
3.0 Strategy to Counter Diversity Issue at Home Depot 7
3.1 Employee Relations 8
4.0 Implementing Employee Relations at Home Depot 8
4.1 Team-working 9
4.2 Functional flexibility 10
4.3 Employee Involvement 10
4.4 Reward Mechanisms 10
5.0 Recommendations 11
6.0 Conclusion 11
7.0 List of references 12

Executive Summary

Human resource management is a sensitive issue in an organization. The performance of any organization is determined by the workforce management practices in place. Owing to the competitive nature of workforce management, human resources are managed strategically (Aghazadeh 2003, p. 201). In this paper, a case study of strategic human resource management has been done. The company considered is called Home Depot. The paper briefly explores the company and its human resource strategy that was found to be diversity management. Thereafter, the paper has explored possible problems that company faces as a result of its diversity strategy. In response to the problems, the paper suggests inclusion of employee relation model in the diversity strategy already in place before making related recommendations and collusion.

1.0 Overview of the Organization

The organization considered in this case study is a retail business company called Home depot. Home Depot is an American company retailing in construction and home improvement products. The company was founded in 1978 by Ron Brill, Bernie Marcus, Pat Farrah, and Arthur Blank. The initial…...