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Horsing Back Ridng

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Horse back riding is a hobby that i enjoyed doing when i was a kid because i went to a horse back riding camp. Many people think that riding a horse is difficult, when in fact it is not hard at all. People can easily learn how to ride a horse when they follow these basic steps.

First you will need to learn how to tack a horse, the first thing that you will need to do is tie up your horse. Next you will have to groom the horse brush the horse and pick out the feet with a hoof pick. The third step is to out on the blanket and then the saddle pad. After you put the pads on you have to put the saddle It should sit in the middle of the saddle pad, make sure it doesn't interfere with the horse's shoulder. Then you have to put on the girth which is a band attached to a saddle, used to secure it on a horse by being fastened around its stomach. After you have to unbuckle the cross ties, the cross ties are what ties the horse to the post so you can saddle the horse up. Then you have to put the bit in the horse mouth, and then put the head piece over the horses head. The you have to buckle the chin strap you should be able to put two fingers under neath the buckle. Also you have to buckle the throat latch make sure you can put four fingers underneath the throat latch. Before getting on the horse, need to check the girth and make sure that it is tight enough. Also you must check the stirrups, that is where you put your feet and make sure they are long enough to fit your feet properly. As a beginner rider, it is necessary to wear a helmet for saftey. Also you must wear correct riding boots, and also jeans.

The next step is to mount the horse. In order to get on the horse you need to stand on the left side of the horse, you have to hold the reins in your left hand and hold the saddle with your right hand. Some people are to short to mount the horse by themselves so they use a riding block. Then you have to put your left foot in the stirrup first then you have to pull your body up in the saddle, then put your right foot in the other stirrup. Next you have to use the reins to navigate the horse in the direction that you want it to go. To stop the horse you have to pull on the reins and say “whoa”. To make a horse walk you have to squeeze your legs and say “walk”. While riding you always have to be carful of tree branches and other things that could hurt you or the horse. Also you have to talk in a low voice because if you are loud you will spook the horse which will make the horse start to go faster and knock you off. As a beginner, it is smart just to just walk with the horse so you can get use to riding. Once you feel comfortable riding you can start to trot and also gallop with the horse. Once you are finished riding you have to dismount the horse, the way you can do this is by holding the saddle and reins with your left hand and remove your feet from the stirrups. Then you gently swing your right foot over to the left side then dismount the horse without scaring it. Then after you have go back and untack the horse.

Riding a horse is like riding a bike because at first it is very intimidating, but once you keep practicing it becomes second nature to you.

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