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Hospital Corporation of America

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1. Understand why every company needs a sound strategy to compete successfully, manage the conduct of its business, and strengthen its prospects for long-term success. 2. Develop an awareness of the four most dependable strategic approaches for setting a company apart from rivals and winning a sustainable competitive advantage. 3. Understand that a company’s strategy tends to evolve over time because of changing circumstances and ongoing management efforts to improve the company’s strategy. 4. Learn why it is important for a company to have a viable business model that outlines the company’s customer value proposition and its profit formula. 5. Learn the three tests of a winning strategy.


WHAT DO WE MEAN BY STRATEGY ? ♦ What is our present situation?
● ●

Business environment and industry conditions Firm’s financial and competitive capabilities Creating a vision for the firm’s future direction Crafting an action plan that will get us there

♦ Where do we want to go from here?

♦ How are we going to get there?

WHAT IS STRATEGY ABOUT? ♦ Strategy is all about How:
● ● ● ●

How to outcompete rivals. How to respond to economic and market conditions and growth opportunities. How to manage functional pieces of the business. How to improve the firm’s financial and market performance.


WHY DO STRATEGY ? ♦ A firm does strategy:
● ● ●

To improve its financial performance. To strengthen its competitive position. To gain a sustainable competitive. advantage over its market rivals. Can yield above-average profits. Makes competition difficult for rivals.

♦ A creative, distinctive strategy:
● ●

STRATEGY AND COMPETITORS ♦ Strategy is about competing differently from rivals—
● ● ● ●

Doing what they don’t do or doing it better! Doing what they can’t do! Doing that which sets

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...Week-4 Case Study Hospital Corporation of America SBNM 5311 Professor: Dr. Kasthuri Henry Abstract The financial position of The Hospital Corporation from 1972-1981 was analyzed and compared with others in the industry through a careful examination of some critical ratios, along with competitors performances, we determined areas of concern for the organization. To accomplish this, we utilized various competitor benchmarks and compared them to the company’s overall past performance to determine the projected funding needed for The Hospital Corporation. From the analysis, the problems the organization is experiencing were identified and solutions are provided. From this, a recommended course of action for The Hospital Corporation was provided in an attempt to correct the company’s current trend. Keywords: Analysis, Ratio, Performance, Forecast, Competitor, Purchase, Capital Identify problem Hospital Corporation has performed well over the past few years and has seen substantial growth. The growth it is experiencing has allowed the organization to have a total of 49,866 beds in service in 1981 producing $48,259 in revenue per bed. It grew from 188 hospitals in 1980 to 349 hospitals in service in 1981 producing 6.8 million dollars in revenue per location. The growth that it has seen has been profitable but compared to organizations like Humana it has not seen the same success. Humana has been able to produce better profitability...

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