How Communication Flows

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How Communication Flows through a Business Organization

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There are two types of systems of communication in a business organization. Those systems are Internal and External communications. But the importance is quite distinctive. In Internal communications, your emphasis is in presenting and interpreting facts. In external communications, your emphasis is on promoting goodwill and future business. In this paper, my teammate and I will be discussing the two systems of communication. Internal Communications

All communication among employees is INTERNAL because they are co-workers.
Internal communications takes place within a firm. Communication flows in three directions: Downwards, Upwards, and Lateral. Downward Communication is communication that flows from upper to lower (such as manager to employer or superior to subordinate). This type of internal communication provides job related information and gives direction. Downward
Communication is used daily by managers to guide and provide information to employees so they can complete tasks. Employee handbooks, policy manuals, training materials, and organization mission are examples of Downward Communication. As internal communication flows downward, it gets more specific at each level with the most detailed information at the bottom. There is a pro and con to this method. The pro is the efficiency meaning how fast commands can get down to the employers or subordinates. The con is the managerial control. Upward Communication is the transmission of messages from lower to higher levels of the organization (such as communication initiated by subordinates with their superiors). This communication most likely originates with the front line workers. The messages and information…...

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