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How Did Todd Endo Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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Japanese American activist by the name of Todd Endo, remembers that night of the march from Montgomery, Alabama to Salma, Alabama, On March 7th 1965. As Endo watched the evening news, he recognized the assistant minister from All Souls’ Unitarian Church in Washington, DC. Endo had worked with the minister the summer before on a community service project.
Minister Reeb booked a flight went to Salma, Alabama after seeing the brutal attack on a peaceful group of demonstrators as they attempted to make their way across the E. Pettus Bridge demanding voting rights. As the event took place, it was nationally broadcasted around the entire country. Many people who watched the reported inhumane attack, fled to Salma Alabama to try and help many Black Americans. The news reporter’s reported that minister Reeb was badly beaten by two white segregationist, Minister Reeb died two days after he was attacked. This day would come to be known as “Bloody Sunday” March 11th …show more content…
Japanese Americans were striped of there rights and forced into internment camps, for three years he and family members moved multiple times. Moving from Los Angeles eventually to Washington, DC where he and family settled. Endo attended Oberlin College, and was one of three Asian Americans in his graduating class.
Endo a math major ended up with a degree in history from Oberlin College .His career plan to become a professor at a small liberal college like Oberlin, until he found out that minister Reeb had been killed. Endo booked a flight to Salma, when he arrived and realized that it wasn’t many other Asian Americans their and he didn’t understand why? And no one questioned why he was

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