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La ilusión de los Quince, the dream of the fifteen, is dreamt by many native young women from the Southern American regions from an early age and to others it does not cross their minds until the day comes around. Some dream of having their big dress, being carried in a carriage with beautiful horses or arriving in a fancy limo and being the center of attention. Marisol Lopez, who’s had her Qinceañera, says that she imagined herself as Cinderella with a carriage ride, the dance floor hovered with shining star lights, and a waterfall cake. As a little girl, ones imagination gives endless possibilities and the Quinceañera dreamed of is not similar to the real Quinceañera. Some young girls did not have a clear image of the Quinceañera they wanted …show more content…
It may not have a specific origination, but it is said to date as far back into the Aztec times where the Aztecs were said to have started a similar tradition to what the Quinceañera is today. The Quinceañera is known for being the rite of passage for young women into womanhood. This traditional celebration has been influenced by the Europeans and the Spanish Catholics from the ceremonial balls to the idea of celebrating it with an enormous party. The dress it is self has come a long way. At first, it was custom to have a pink dress but now numerous colors have been used some even having more than one color on the dress. This massive celebration has many parts to it that it is advised to start preparations at least a year before the day of the Quinceañera. This, one in a lifetime, celebration starts off at the church with a mass where the Quinceañera gives thanks to God and the Virgin Mary. After the mass, starts the party where the Quinceañera performs her womanhood rituals and dances the night away with her close family and friends. A Quinceañera is dreamt by a little girl who realizes as she grows up that this celebration has more meaning than she imagined. A Quinceañera is a well respected tradition that many young girls look forward

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Quinceanera Research Paper

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