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How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind


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How to lose weight without losing your mind In today’s society, we are bombarded with weight loss products and programs. Everywhere you look, it’s low-fat this and reduced calories that. It seems every other commercial is advertising some miracle diet pill or program. According to John Phillip, “Every day fitness clubs are opening up on every corner and new weight loss books are being published at lightning speed”(92). Even with all this going on around us we are still not losing any weight at all. We are doing this and it is driving our friends, family and ourselves insane. We are causing our minds to explode and bodies with all the diets and pills. So if these things are not working how do we lose the weight and keep it off?, by light exercising, alternative snacking, and by letting your body receive sleep. I have taken the pills, tried the diets, even cabbage soup, and spent an enormous amount of money on programs to help me. Finally one day after stepping on the scales and seeing that after a week of dieting I had not lost one pound, I started thinking about metabolism. I knew metabolism had to do with the rate in which your body uses up or “burns calories”( Stanley). So I learned that if you have a higher metabolism, you burn calories faster than consume them, making you lose weight. Here are just a few simple steps to consider as you battle with your metabolism.
Light Exercises I know exercise is most definitely not a word that most dieters wants to even think about. Unfortunately there is no pill that melts away, except the ones that make your heart stop and cause stroke. You do not always feel the burn to make some progress. Going for a walk before or after a pill will help you digest your food better. Also hit the gym with your lady friends and lift light weights for just a few minutes a day; this will help burn fat and build muscle. Riding a

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How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

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