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How to Seduce Your Hot Best Friend

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One Night Stan: How To Seduce Your Hot Best Friend
So, you think being best friends with a hot chick will make you her future boyfriend? Style mo, bulok.

Sure, being her best friend gives you front row seats, but it doesn’t put you one step ahead of her other admirers. It just means you’re the guy whom she can boss around because, you know, mag-best friend naman kayo, eh.

And before you deny everything and say you never planned to use your best-friend status as a stepping stone, please, umayos ka. Friendship between a heterosexual boy and girl is normal, but the moment you label yourself as a female’s BEST friend, then it’s more likely that you have ulterior, more manyak motives.

One Night Stan: How To Seduce Your Hot Best Friend"Guys, ano ba kayo? Close lang talaga kami ni Jenny."
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Let’s face it: A guy and a girl can’t be best of friends…unless one wants to bang the other. You can suppress what you feel all you want, but sooner or later, you can no longer deny the truth.


Lucky for you, I’m an expert when it comes to the art of seduction, even when I’m not trying. (Hey, it’s not my fault if everybody wants to have sex with me—women, men, animals and even some vegetation. I can’t help it.)

Anyway, after you decide to stop lying to yourself about why you’re best friends with a member of the opposite sex, you can finally apply these tried and tested techniques of mine to win your girl over to the non-friend zone.

Step 1: Use your Text Appeal

Be a different person when you’re texting her: Matuto kang magpahaging at magparinig. Guys aren’t the only ones who hate easy conquests; girls do, too. That’s why they are inexplicably attracted to mysterious guys!

So, instead of always laying your cards on the table, keep them close to your chest and play mind games with her. She will wonder, “Ano ba ‘to, bakit siya ganyan?”

One Night Stan: How To Seduce Your Hot Best FriendYou're doing just fine, Simba.

Step 2: Ignore and Score

After texting her like a sweet little boy, act like you’re suplado when you’re together. Repeat after me: Mixed signals are go signals.

The inconsistency builds intrigue—nobody wants a predictable guy with no tricks up his sleeve. Since she’s too shy to ask why you’re sweet on the phone and suplado in person, she will just wonder quietly – in other words, she’ll keep thinking about you.

Step 3: Apply the Selos Factor

Talk about how hot this crush of yours is. Depending on the degree of jealousy she exhibits, you can also discreetly compare her with your best friend once in a while.

Pagselosin mo kasi. We don’t have to be the only ones who always feel protective and possessive. If she feels insecure whenever she sees you with her, she may believe she’s falling for you.

Another good sign: she's causing others to fall:

One Night Stan: How To Seduce Your Hot Best Friend"Um!"

Step 4: Use the Gentlemanyak Approach

Be a gentleman and carry her bags, but flirt a little—dapat, may hagod.

Slightly touch her hand while walking, but make it look like inaalalayan mo lang siya. Whenever you make beso, make your lips linger on her cheek. If you can get away with it, let your lips wander closer to hers. If you executed Steps 1 to 3 carefully, kikiligin na siya niyan.

Step 5: Test the Waters

Is someone being creepy towards her (other than you, that is)? It’s time to offer your services as a fake boyfriend.

Tell her you can pose as her boyfriend if she has a stalker or needs to turn down a suitor—dito magkakaalaman. If she enjoys your pretend-relationship, it means she will also enjoy it once it’s for real.

Step 6: Do the St. Peter Move

In other words, i-deny mo siya.

When people ask if you’re secretly in love with your best friend, deny to death and turn the tables around. Ask them if she’s secretly in love with you. It’s just a matter of time before someone says she is. Meron at merong aamin because they probably think you’re great for each other—hey, it’s why they asked in the first place.

Unless of course you're Marvin and Jolina na walang aminan na naganap:

One Night Stan: How To Seduce Your Hot Best Friend#Throwback

Step 7: Talk About the White Elephant

Tell her you have a secret to share with her. Then, pretend you’re having second thoughts. Tell her she has to promise that she’ll keep your secret if she wants to hear it. Then, share your secret, a.k.a. your “wet dream”.

It’s a horny dream that bothers you in your waking hours, one which you have to tell someone you trust. This “dream” doesn’t have to be real—you can tell her the plot of your favorite porn movie if you wish.

Say the magic words, “Huwag mong isipin na tayong dalawa ito, ha. Kadiri yun.”

She may laugh it off at first, but she will definitely be thinking about it afterwards. After all, you can’t tell people to not think about something. For example: DON’T think of a big, juicy burger. Are you thinking of a big, juicy burger? Told ya.

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