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How to Wite an Essay


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How to Write an Essay
Excellent essays answer the set essay question with a complete and clear Thesis. You should use theoretical arguments and empirical evidence from the literature to support your answer where necessary, but avoid lengthy summary of the readings. A good way to write a strong essay is to think of it as made up of three main sections: Introduction, Main Body Paragraphs (3+), and Conclusion. Below is an explanation of what each of these main three sections should achieve.
To write a strong essay, you need to do the assigned readings and take notes. The next step, before you start writing the essay, and which is just as important, is to think about how you want to organise your thoughts in your essay. Planning the structure and organising your thoughts are central processes for writing an excellent essay. You should already have an outline of what you will say in your essay and the way in which you are going to structure it before you start writing.
In Short
A good way to write an excellent essay is to think of it in the following way. (1) What is my answer to the essay question? (Thesis) (2) Why do I think this? What is the evidence? Which theories support my argument? (Main Supporting Arguments) You should state your Thesis and your Main Supporting Arguments in the Introduction; you should explain and develop your Main Supporting Arguments in your Main Body Paragraphs (one paragraph for each Main Supporting Argument); you should paraphrase and restate your Thesis and briefly summarise your Main Supporting Arguments in the Conclusion, in other words, use the Conclusion to restate what your answer to the essay question is, what the reasons why you think this is the case are, and why this is important and/or significant.
The Introduction
The Introduction should be the first paragraph. It should start with a general discussion of your subject and

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