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Hsa 515 Assignment 1

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As a health care administrator, your legal actions have legal implications and are implicitly and explicitly based on law. Any omissions in the conduct of your duties on your part are also governed by law. Consider the basic governance of a health care setting and how your roles as a top administrator in this setting are affected by the legal system. A healthcare system is like any other organization or society in the instance that it needs rules, communication, and active acknowledgement of each person’s responsibilities and roles among those involved in the system to succeed. As administrators we must do what needs to be done in order to ensure that the system succeeds not only for the benefit of the health care organization itself but more importantly for those that depend on the system, the patients that need our care. Not only do we need to know what it takes to make a health care system work, but we also need to understand the law that the system needs to abide by and make sure those laws are put forth in our actions.

According to the Dowton Consulting International Journal, some of the problems with the governance within the healthcare system are: “one of the elements (corporate or clinical governance) is weak or underperforming; the linkages between corporate and clinical governance are not understood and respected inside the organization; and the boundaries between corporate and clinical governance are not effectively managed.” Now the corporate layout is made up of policies, laws, rules, professionals, people, and their customs. If this layout does not work cohesively then there is bound to be a disturbance or fall of the system. The clinical side of the governance on the other hand basically focuses on the organizations “continually improving the quality of services and safe guarding the high standards of patient care by creating an environment in which...

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