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Personalities are the characteristics that make each individual unique, but there will always be a chink in the formula that will make us a counterpart somewhere in the world. Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn which tells the story of a boy, Huckleberry Finn, who runs away from his old life, by faking his own death, and, as the title of the novel suggests he goes on adventures with a runaway slave, Jim. During their audacious journey, they meet a variety of characters including a con artist who portrays himself as a duke. Throughout the novel, readers see how outrageous the Duke’s actions are, but as they string along we see how his moral conscience kicks in and doesn’t always agree with the conducts that he engages in and starts hesitating with certain actions willing to be taken persuaded by other characters in the novel, much like Huck. Through Twain’s use of characterization, Huckleberry Finn and the Duke reflect each other’s personalities.

Topic 1: Throughout the novel, we find that Huck and the Duke share similar actions such as pretending to be someone that they are not for their own personal benefit. The first act Huck initiates in, which is rather harmless, is when he pretends to be a little girl by the name of Sarah Williams. He imitates being a girl to get updated about what the town thinks happened to them. He, however, fails at this attempt because the stranger he is receiving information from asks suspiciously “come, now – what’s your real name? … Is it Bill, or Tom, or Bob?” (114). The stranger realizes that its an entire misrepresentation, and tries to get him to confess his real name. She, however, does not get what she was wants as Huck lies to her once more and says that his “real” name is George Peters. The same thing happened with the Duke, although in a different context. The Duke, Huck, and the other two collaborators stop at

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