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Philip II 1. Philip II ruled Spain from 1556-1598. He was also the ruler of Portugal as Philip I from 1580-1598. Philip gained power when Charles V abdicated from the throne in 1555. At that point Philip ruled Spain, the Netherlands, and all Spain dominions in Italy and the Americas. Philip’s power weakened because of the severe financial problems created by his military campaign.

Accomplishments: * Able to conquer Portugal in 1580 * During Philip’s reign Spain joined the Holy League, an alliance of maritime Catholic states. The league defeated the Ottoman Turks at Lepanto in October 1571, ending Turkish dominion over the Mediterranean. * He began settlements in the Philippines and established the Pacific trade route between America and Asia * He increased the importation of precious metals form the Americas which consolidated Spain's overseas empire. * Under Philip II, Spain became the richest nation on earth, and ruled the world from the Escorial. * He increased the importation of precious metals from the Americas which consolidated Spain's overseas empire.
* Philip II was not able to stop the rebellion in the Netherlands nor to stop Protestantism there. * Philip was not able to stop the English defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, which prevented Spain from conquering England. * The defeat of his Armada against the English led by Elizabeth I. * By 1596 Philip’s country went bankrupt.

2. Phillip II, as head of the government of Spain, believed in the divine right of monarchs and used this to justify a number of immoral and illegal acts, such as ordering murders. Phillip developed a system of regional self-government with rulers answering to him and he ruled as an absolute monarchy.

Philip II generally believed that what was good for Spain was good for the Catholic Church. Philip himself was a devout Catholic and used up vast sums of money in defense of Catholicism. He looked on the pope as the spiritual head of the Catholic Church but he did not commit himself to the decisions of Rome when they conflicted with his own beliefs. Philip II saw himself as the lay protector of the Catholic Church with two responsibilities:

1) Fighting in its defense

2) Ensuring its spiritual regeneration

Cityscapes, along with maps, became a popular wall decoration.

3. Silver from the New World is what Philips relied on when it came to paying for funds and things. By the 1560s, when treasure from the New World had become vital to Philip, fleets were organized to take goods to the Americas and return with silver from the mines in Mexico and Peru. This silver increased Philip's revenues by at least 20 percent by the 1570s. Some of the colonies that Philip conquered or had control over were trading ports for spices, silk, and African slaves.

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5. Philip II basically expanded his empire through being King. The land and colonies that he controlled were colonies that his father, Charles V, conquered. So whatever land his father owned Philip owned as well. For one example of a relationship with other countries was that there was conflict with Philip II of Spain and Queen Elizabeth I of England. There was conflict between the two because Queen refused to bring England in to Catholic Church and she turned down his offer in marriage in 1558.


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