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Human Resource Policies and Practices

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HR Policies & Practices: Gender Diversity, Equality, & Leadership

The number of women obtaining higher levels of education and positions in their careers has increased, but the number of women obtaining management and executive positions has remained stagnant. Human resource policies and practices’ follow ethical guidelines, but in practicality are more difficult to apply in the workforce. Human resource practices and policies may be influenced by the overall mindset of a company. The barriers that prevent women from achieving management and executive positions are the same barriers that prevent human resource policies and practices’ from being applied. The gaps in gender equality and wages, created by the barriers, can be discouraging to women from achieving high-level positions. Overcoming the barriers is a task in undoing the mindset that has been instilled deeply within society.

Studies have shown that companies who promote female gender equality surpass their competitors on every measure of profitability, yet women are failing to attain high-level positions. Possible reasons for the persistent wage and gender gap between men and women in senior leadership positions can be found by reviewing current data on women in the workplace, studies on the correlation between gender diversity in senior management and company performance, and literature on gender behavioral differences in the workplace. Women play an increasingly significant role in today’s workforce. “Women make up almost 73 percent of the healthcare workforce, yet there still remains a significant gender gap in management and executive leadership positions” (Lantz, 2008). Even though women’s educational attainment and workforce ranks have increased, their advancements into the higher management ranks is plateauing. The four categories of barriers that prevent women…...

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