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The Human Resources Frame Within the structural frame is the human resources frame. This frame is the relationship between people and the organization they serve. The human resources frame was built upon the early work of Follett and Mayo. These pioneers questioned the assumption that workers had no rights beyond a paycheck, and that it was their duty to work and follow orders. Employees need careers, salaries, and opportunities and in return organizations need ideas, energy, and talent (Bolman and Deal, 2013). In reality there is a fine balance between the needs of the organization and the needs of the employee and there is an interdependent ‘fit’ that is necessary for success. When the ‘fit’ is off, both may suffer with decreased employee satisfaction and motivation and decreased success for the organization. It is necessary to focus on and understand the individual to be able to place them in the right situation that leads them to success. Investing in people can many times lead an organization to great achievements. Companies are often able to strengthen the bond between the individual and the organization by becoming more involved …show more content…
A strong freshman class plays an important role for the success of the university. By taking the time to learn their names, understand their backgrounds, and hear their goals I am laying a foundation for their time at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. I ask them to write a short paper about why they chose Northwestern and what their educational goals are. This information allows me to better assess their assignments and better advise them for their future classes. I gain a better understanding of how to motivate them and can give them tools needed to function in group situations. Developing these individual relationships develops the framework necessary to establish the ‘fit’ for both student and

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