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Identity Confusion


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In The Psychology of Globalization (2002) , Jeffery Arnett says that “As local cultures change in response to globalization, most people manage to adapt to the changes and develop a bicultural or hybrid identity that provides the basis for living in their local culture and also participating in the global culture. However, for some people, adapting to the rapid changes taking place in their cultures is more difficult. The images, values, and opportunities they perceive as being part of the global culture undermine their belief in the value of local cultural practices. At the same time, the ways of the global culture seem out of reach to them, too foreign to everything they know from their direct experience. Rather than becoming bicultural, they may experience themselves as excluded from both their local culture and the global culture, truly belonging to neither”.
According to Arnett’s statement there are some countries or regions in the world where the local people are having difficulties in adopting the changes that are taking place. in his article The Psychology of Globalization he speaks about different terms such as “Culture shedding” which is when people are bound to drop some of their cultures whether it their own choice or not because globalization is dominating the world and there is nothing they can do about it, another term he speaks of is “Marginalization” which is when a person does not want to keep their old cultures any more but they also reject the new cultures or they are being rejected by the new cultures.
The third term that Arnett specified: delocalization, dis-placement or deter-ritorialization (all three words have the same effects according to Arnett) which means as the youngsters of the generation grow with the impact of globalization they seem to forget or lose all ties that link to the place that they are living in. According to Arnett

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