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The primary goal of Summarizing in counseling
As a review, Summarizing is the tying together by the counselor of the main points. Discussed in a counseling session. Summarizing can focus on both feelings
And content the primary goal of summarizing in counseling are the main points discussed in counseling sessions. Summarizing can focus on both feelings and content information, and is appropriate after discussion of particular topic with in the session or information, and is appropriate after discussion of a particular Topic within the session or as a review, at the end of the session, of the 14 Principle issues discussed. In either case, the summary should be brief, to the Point, and without new or added meanings. Summarizing helps the client to
Clarify meaning, realize that the counselor understands what he is saying and feeling, have a sense of movement and progress.

Summarizing compliment Attending/Active Listening
Pulling together, organizing, and integrating the major aspects of your dialogue. Pay attention to various themes and emotional overtones. Pout key ideas and feelings intro broad stamens.
To give a sense of movement and accomplishment in the exchange. To establish a basis for further discussion. Pull together major ideas, facts, and fallings. Summarizing is similar to paraphrasing, how is it different Paraphrasing and summarizing are extremely similar actions and involve many of the same processes. The difference between the two is what their objectives are. The purpose of a summary is to condense source material into a shorter form. Paraphrasing, however, is not centrally concerned with length. Page 3
Rather, paraphrasing is concerned primarily with the restatement of source material in a form that is different than the. How does summarizing benefits the client in counseling
Frequently, the client comes to counseling they are confused. It is a thought they are walking through a forest and can see nothing clearly. They are lost and confusing jungle overgrowth and trees. By summarizing, the counselor assists the client to see the trees more clearly and to find a path between them.
How does summarizing compliment termination in counseling session
The counselor should plan to discuss the patient's thoughts and feelings about ending treatment in the final active treatment session. The impending termination should be mentioned several sessions prior to the last one in order to give the patient the opportunity to think about the treatment experience. In the final treatment session, the counselor should ask the patient to summarize his or her overall experience of the treatment process. If possible, the counselor should recognize and compliment the patient's achievements in recovery. A major goal is to identify the gains made through treatment. Another central goal is to recognize the areas still needing work and to plan how the patient will continue to work on them independently.

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