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Finance professionals have to master the art of good communication skills or their technical expertise will be redundant, says Peter Shaw
sk any senior executive what they think makes an effective finance professional and they will talk about the themes of clear judgment and effective communication. Rigorous financial analysis and discipline are essential but not sufficient. The senior leader in any business wants to work with finance professionals whom they trust as competent but can also understand. Often the rhetoric is about rigour, thoroughness, accountability and professionalism. But if communication doesn't happen well, all those wonderful professional skills can become sidelined and irrelevant. The consistent picture is that the finance professional who can communicate effertively becomes a crucial and influential part of a leadership team. The finance


professional who doesn't communicate well is regarded as a necessary evil, an encumbrance, a tedious part of the process and a bore. The finance professional can either be at the centre where they are influential, engaged and vital to success, or they can become sidelined and, at worst, regarded as a liability because of their inability to connmunicate with stakeholders. So how is this best avoided? The finance professional has so much to offer. Key principles are about clarity, curiosity, thinking through consequences and being corporate.

Clarity is about effective preparation, identifying key points, keeping it simple, ensuring that the message is


August 2008 acc0untancyma9azine.com


It is about listening, and listening again. It is about conversations that operate on a range of different levels; some will be very focused and others will be more open and creative
not too cluttered. It is a relentless focus on what is most important and not being diverted by the…...

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