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Imc Campaign Honesty

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The IMC campaign title is “HONESTHESIA: Be the Cure” which came from the medicine drug “ANESTHESIA”. It aims to “inject” or to put into the mind and in the heart of the students the value and importance of honesty during elections in order to reduce “pain” or to reduce the dishonesties and lies to happen during election.
Elections have been practiced a long time ago; it’s one way for people to exercise their suffrage to vote to appoint their desired leaders. Philippines as a democratic country used election to appoint officials like senators and president. But with every election, news about vote buying, malicious tampering of votes, fraud and other dishonest acts increases. These kinds of acts are a start of an impending problem called corruption. To prevent corruption to take place, we need to take action first on our elections and make it clean and honest.
Our team has come up to a campaign called “HONESTHESIA: Be the Cure” which aims to increase honest individuals and young voters to stop dishonest acts during school and nationwide elections. Our goal is to:
1. To provide awareness about honesty to students within 6 months
2. To teach the true value and importance of honesty during elections within 6 months
3. To increase by 10% the students who will value and practice honesty during elections every year after the campaign is implemented
4. To decrease dishonesty and corruption by 10% every year after the campaign is implemented
The major target audiences of the IMC Campaign are high school and college students both public and private, mostly at the age of 12-22 years old but also includes out of school youth. This campaign is targeting the Cebuano students especially in suburban and rural places in Cebu. Seminars will be held from different schools and in each barangay halls or gymnasiums from south to north of Cebu. There will...

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