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Importance Of Exchange Program

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There was a huge turning point for me. I had joined in an exchange program during my 10th grade, 2012-2013. But first let me tell about my background. I become a Patumwan Demonstration School since 2008 in English for Talented Students Program (EPTS). This was a small change for me because I have to move from my old school that I had been studied since first grade. With all the new environment and friends, I group up with some people. We're still friends. First I plan to enroll in Math-Science program for the 10th grade class that you have to choose the right program that would lead you to the best fit faculty in university. By that time I did not think of any. So I choose this program because it can apply to any faculties. When I was in 9th grade, one of my friends ask me to keep a company with him to take the standardized test for joining one of the exchange programs called Y.E.S. After the announcement of the score I passed the criteria for joining them. That was when everything began. …show more content…
At that time I thought it just for fun. So I took all of them. Unfortunately, I pass all of the tests. I don't know why I did this but my parents and I compare all of these exchange programs for the one that we think it is the best. It was Education First (EF). At that point, my mom and I went to join the seminar about this program and somehow joined it. For this exchange program, it has a 3 days camp in Thailand for an exchange year preparations at Thamasart Campus in Pattaya. I met hundreds of new friends

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