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Importance of Team Work

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Doing teamwork is never easy. Different people of various backgrounds come together, frictions are inevitable and conflicts are bound to happen. In the upcoming surveying studio sessions, we are going to work as a team, either to hold a discussion or to do a group work. Before we get started, just like doing any thing else, we have to have a direction. Therefore, we came up with this report. It presents the possible problems that we may encounter in our future groupwork, and we will also provide solutions to each respective problem.

In the followings, the problems identified are categorized into three main parts, namely discussion, working after meeting and general problems.

Meeting is an essential element in collaborative work. Through meetings, team members can share their views and opinions on the groupwork. Members can also know more about the strengths and weaknesses of their partners so as to achieve a better division of labour. Besides, meetings can foster communication and understanding among group members which helps to develop a harmonious team spirit and a sense of belongings.
(1) Side-tracking
In group discussions, we always come up with discussing topics outside the original themes. The reason why side-tracking occurs in discussion is group members are bored with the original topics. The formal format as well as the atmosphere of the meetings often boresteam members especially after the discussion has been going on for a long period of time. Then they may want to relax and fall asleep. Chatting is the most direct and the easiest way to wake themselves up. Chatting for a short while is acceptable since we can take it as a short break. However, once team members participate in it, they enjoy it a great deal and eventually, they totally forget what they are doing.

To make meetings more effective, serious side-tracking should be avoided. As mentioned, taking a short break in the discussion period can help members... [continues]

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