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Increased Minimum Wage Essay

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Minimum wage is a controversial topic that has people on different side of if it should be increased or it should remain the same. It should be increased, but only in certain states such as california due it's expensive living cost. Across all models with a dollar increase in the minimum wage above the federal level was associated with a 1% to 2% decrease in low birth weight births and a 4% decrease in postneonatal mortality. Minimum wage has a huge effect on the economy. Minimum wage be increased in certain states such as california due it's expensive living cost. Now here are some examples of why minimum wage should be increased.
Because of low minimum wage in big cities their infant mortality rates are higher than they are in other states due to how parents cannot afford to take care of their child. If minimum wage was increased by a dollar it would cut down of infant mortality. In her article, Kormo provides evidence to prove her point of how income and mortality rates are connected: “Due to low income studies show that …show more content…
Just because teens and young adults employment rates are reduced does not make it a bad idea.Because “Those earning a higher minimum wage would have enough to eat, be more likely to exercise, less likely to smoke, suffer from fewer emotional and psychological problems, and even prevent 389 premature deaths a year.” With an increase, families can afford to feed their children and can support themselves along with their children. “Increasing the minimum wage to $9 would lift 300,000 people out of poverty, and an increase to $10.10 would lift 900,000 people out of poverty.” (pro/con argument 2) also an increase would reduce poverty across the country which would help the american people just living off of

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