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Increaseing Childhood Immunizations


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Abstract Data in regards to the rates of vaccinations among child has been decreasing. The reasons cited by parents are wide with concerns and fears leading to refusal. Healthcare providers play a major role in providing information for patients with questions regarding vaccinations and nurses are often on the front line when it comes to battling the resurgence of diseases such as the measles and pertussis. These providers must be comfortable, and understand the reasoning while discussing the reason for the vaccination, their schedule, and the effects of vaccines. There are several ways nurses and healthcare providers can help reduce the fear, and bring understanding to the parent who may be refusing vaccines. Some factors the nurse is unable to change, however there are ways to be able to make vaccinations more accessible to the whole population.

Since vaccinations laws in the US were enacted in the 1960’s and 70’s, childhood vaccinations have been required to occur before beginning school. By the 1980’s all 50 states including DC required vaccinations for entrance into public school. Exemptions could be made for families that made the decision to refuse vaccinations based upon medical reason, religious reason, or personal philosophy (Blendall & Farre, 2012).
Rates for non-medical reasons to withhold vaccinations have increased significantly over the past years, despite the evidence that communicable disease have declined, and documented safety of vaccines (Blendall, 2012). There has been an increase of 0.98% to 1.48% in refusal, with higher rates in sates that allow exemption for other than medical reasons (Blendall, 2012). Not only have these rates increased, but the request by parents to go by alternative vaccination scheduling has risen to 13% (Blendall, 2012).
Because of this increase in refusal and wanting alternative

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