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Increasing at&T Communications


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Increasing AT&T Communications

Ashly Petford
IS535: Information Technology
Professor Shaun Gray
June 17, 2012

Table of Contents
Proposal 3
Milestone One 5
Milestone Two 8
Milestone 3 12
References 15

This proposal will explore the current customer relationship management (CRM) program used by AT&T and offer a new program choice in that of both Syntellect’s iVault and its Customer Interaction Management (CIM) system in order to streamline customer complaints and needs and to increase overall customer satisfaction. AT&T’s present program appears to be inefficient and ineffective, causing customers to lose patience with the service and ultimately leave for other carriers. The customer service offered by the company is so poor that online, independent surveys have named them as one of the worst companies in regards to customer care. By creating a more organized and interactive system for customer service representatives to use, AT&T will ultimately retain its current customers and also rid itself of its bad reputation of having poor customer service.
The problem to be solved is how AT&T can overcome its negative reputation of having poor customer service in order to create more positive consumer feedback, generating more consumers in the future.
By further researching AT&T’s current customer relationship management system, it will become clearer as to where in fact their problems lie. However, with simple examination, it is apparent that their current system is in dire need of a revamp. Customers continuously complain not only about the customer service representatives, but also

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