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Individual Case Study

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Individual Case Study
Organizational Behaviour - L51
Instructor: Dr.Bader Al-Esmael

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Dana AL-Zubaidi
Due 25th of December 2014

Maryam Qureshi case is one of the cases that show the role of “haraam” practices on behaviour and performance of employees. Maryam is a customer support specialist in the People’s Services inc, a very successful organization with high qualified employees and a reputation that is praised by the public. When Maryam firstly joined the company, she was a productive employee with high performance evaluations continuously, but suddenly, at some point, her performance started to be weak and her efficiency was decreasing. She acted in a very mad manner and many negative attitudes have been observed by her supervisor Haleema such as being late, taking long breaks for lunch, and her evaluations generally started to fall. Haleema decided to meet up with the boss; Nikhat, to discuss Maryam’s situation and try to come up with evidences about what are the major factors that resulted in Maryams attitude through the first year period she spent in the company. Her attitude and performance were like in an elevator, many ups and downs, and all was shown in the performance evaluations. Maryam received her first written disciplinary notice regarding her attendance and punctuality for January and February, she claimed that she had some problems at home, as her co-workers expected as well. After the first notice, Maryam got back again to business and the high performance and activeness was back again. In early May, she issued her second warning, not only regarding bad attendance and punctuality again for the month April, but declining working performance; she faced some difficulties finishing tasks. Until the mid of July, everything was alright and Maryam was the efficient calm employee so she can maintain her Job for her kids. After that, things got much worse and Haleema started to feel really worried. Haleema claimed that her evaluation was less than satisfactory for the months before July, and Maryam attitude was fallen towards negativity through July and that when she asked Haleema to put her in other department that has less pressure and tasks so she will work less. Consequently, she didn’t come to work at all after that day which led Haleema to another meeting to Nikhat for a final discussion. Maryam’s relationship with others in the company was really bad because of her being aggressive. They all claimed that the problem is that she had a kind of addiction to alcohol, although they don’t have tangible evidence. The final decision conducted from Haleema, nikhat and the management department is to fire her after considering her problems with the employee assistance programme, a very beneficial source in handling problems.
1) Can Haleema terminate Maryam without running into legal problems?
When it comes to reality and legality, Maryam should be sued because of her attitude and damages that she has caused as a result of wrong practices such as being drunk. However, it is up to Haleema and the management department to decide if whether they want her to be judged and sued or not. If she will be sued, for sure she will get into legal problems and might be thrown in jail. In addition, she is a single mother of two teenage girls, which will bring her to more troubles as she can’t take care of her daughters because she is always unconscious.
2) Should Haleema have acted sooner? If so how?
In my opinion, giving Maryam two chances was an effective idea because she tried to improve herself whenever she could. But as Maryam’s hopeless case, acting sooner or later wouldn’t have fixed the problem because Maryam had personal issues and they should be fixed in the first place, then other problems can be considered. On the other hand, contacting the employee assistance programme was a good idea that might help Maryam to manage her issues.
3) How you can make Maryam motivated from your own opinion?
In my opinion, the only way to solve a problem is to confess that there is a problem. Obviously, Maryam is a really productive employee and she didn’t have any issues with her job at the first place, but once she started to act strangely and unconsciously, her performance, punctuality and attitude got affected negatively. The main issue is that Maryam wasn’t aware about herself having an issue. Subsequently, Haleema should’ve tried to talk more with Maryam and advice her so she can be aware of what she is doing and how being unconscious and aggressive is affecting her Job. In addition Haleema should’ve considered that having a good and supportive relationship with the employees can result in a sufficient attitude and they will feel comfortable in everything they do and give them the space for feelings disclosure. However, the monthly evaluation helped and motivated Maryam to be a high qualified employee all over again, but at the same time, if the basic problem isn’t solved, her life from different aspects will still be affected. Another solution might be to contact with a shrink who she can be presented to so she or he can provide us with clues about what Maryam is going through and try to manage and fix the problems.
4) Do you think Maryam behaviour negatively affected her Colleagues?
Maryam’s relationships with co-workers got affected negatively. As a result of her being aggressive; fighting with everyone and shouting at others, all resulted in deteriorating relationships with others. Work environment is very important in having productivity, if the employees are not satisfied, they will not be productive and they will hate their Job.
5) How Nikhat should deal with this matter?
Nikhat has adapted good manners in Maryams case. By advising Haleema to review Maryam’s personal file and go through it carefully to decide the weaknesses in Maryam’s performance, in addition to giving Maryams two chances before firing her. On the other hand, Nikhat could’ve handled the situation in a better manner by solving the main problem Maryam was facing. Being supportive to Maryam would’ve changed many things because of understanding what she was going through.

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