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Individualized Holistic Care

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According to Statistics Canada (2013) nearly 6,264,800 people identified themselves as a member of a visible minority group representing 19.1% of the total population. The second largest group within this population is Chinese. They make up 21.1% of the visible minority population and 4.0% of the total population of Canada. It is imperative that within a multicultural society such as Canada we act in a way that is culturally sensitive and nonjudgmental. Nurses, in particular, have the opportunity to interact with individuals from various cultures. However, in order to provide meaningful care to the client, nurses must demonstrate individual cultural competence. Culturally competent care requires the ongoing assessment of the nurses’ ability to provide care within the cultural context of the client (Andrews & Boyle, 2012). …show more content…
335). The purpose of this essay is to examine the implications of aspects within the Asian culture, specifically communication and their view of authority, have on the delivery of culturally competent health care. Chinese beliefs center on harmony, unity, and survival of the family. The Chinese family is the fundamental social unit. Gender, age, and birth order all play a role in establishing the hierarchal structure of the family (McLaughlin, 1998). Actions and decision made by an individual in the family will reflect back on the entire family. Therefore, decisions are made with the understanding of how it would affect the entire family. Poor decisions are not only reflected on the present family, but it affect future generations and so “…the burden on responsibility transcends individual, personal concerns” (Wang & Marsh, 1992, p.

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