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Industrial Contamination

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Industrial Contamination of Livestock and Its Effects on Food Safety

This research paper will examine the government’s attempt to reduce the manufacturing contamination of the nation’s meat supply. Federal, state and local agencies work together in order to create a source, reason, actions necessary to control and prevent foodborne illnesses from reoccurring. Increase in the number of food related illnesses have people wondering if meat and processed food will ever be safe to eat. Cattle contaminated with bacteria such as E-Coli get their way to grocery stores due to improper management of the food production system. Change in food safety policies and assessment guidelines prompted state and local health officials to inform Americans on the dangers of contaminated meat products and other foods. President Obama has proposed new guidelines in the Food Safety Act; more stringent measures taken in the investigation of meat production, factory farming and facilities by the USDA and the FDA. Opposing entities dispute that animals need protection from parasites and bacteria as well also and should be proven that antibiotic use in animals is harmful to humans. There is not enough concrete evidence to prove that use of antibiotics or hormones in meat products are a threat to humans if consumed. So enlighten by the present debate the government has permitted use of chemicals, and other substances in production and processing of meat and processed foods, not for just animal health and welfare but the health and safety of the consumer. There continues to be an increase in food borne illnesses, and though the government has an action plan to control the outbreaks, we are no closer to resolution than we were 20 years ago.

Industrial Contamination of Livestock and Its Effects on Food Safety
Many unexpected Americans have become plagued by the...

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